Added in version 0.6.0.

needservice allows the import of data from external services like GitHub.


.. needservice:: <service>
   :option: ...
   :status: open
   :tags: awesome, nice
   :author: me

   Extra content for each new need

In most cases, the service fetches requested data from an external server and creates a need object for each found data-element in the returned data.

These need objects can then be used and referenced as all other need objects, e.g. by filtering them via needtable.


For details about available services and their specific configuration please take a look into Services.


Each service can define custom options which may be needed for the service to work correctly. Please take a look into the related service documentation to find out what is needed.


needservice supports all options available for the need / req (or any other defined need type) directive and all custom options defined by needs_extra_options.

For services provided by Sphinx-Needs please take a look into Services.


Set debug to get debug-output of the needservice only. No needs will be created.

Useful to understand the return values of services or to figure out, why a connection can not be established.


.. needservice:: <service>


The content of needservice is used as content for all created need objects.

A service may deviate from this behavior and define its own usage. For example, by awaiting a json-string with a more complex configuration or by just ignoring the content.

Please take a look into the related service documentation for more information.

GitHub Issues Example

This example is using the github-issues service. For details, please take a look into its specific documentation under GitHub services.

The service queries GitHub for issues in the Sphinx-Needs repository that have node and latexpdf in their content.


.. needservice:: github-issues
   :query: repo:useblocks/sphinx-needs node latexpdf
   :max_content_lines: 4
   :id_prefix: EXAMPLE_

Click the small arrow under the need id to see all meta data.


Issue with sphinxneeds directives during latexpdf build (url)
user: DirkBodenschatz
created_at: 2023-03-30T12:55:00Z
updated_at: 2023-04-06T21:08:44Z
closed_at: None
service: github-issues
url: Link
type: Issue
status: open
delete: False
jinja_content: False
latexpdf build leads to an exception if I use `..
needextract::` is used. The same happens also if `..
needtable::` is used